Emmy Honor Long Overdue

I helped myself to this photo from his Facebook page. Hope he doesn’t mind!

Short week here at T60 with the holiday, but before we all load up on turkey I just wanted to give some special props to one of my favorite people, Jeremy Nichols.

Wait, let me get that right… Emmy award-winning news photographer/editor Jeremy Nichols.

Jeremy won his first Emmy over the weekend. Speaking as an Emmy winner myself, and a past Emmy judge, the honor is well overdue. This guy’s been churning out quality stories for a long time.

Video: Jeremy’s Emmy Winning Story

Jeremy and I have been friends for about 15-years. We met in Kearney, NE at KHGI-TV. He was a young TV news photographer. I was the budding reporter.

I basically owe my livelihood to Jeremy. As a young TV journalist, I was all about the writing and on-camera performance. I never gave much thought to the photography and editing until I met Jeremy. He recommended I go to a seminar hosted by the National Press Photographers Association, and the rest is history.

That seminar changed the course of my career. I fell in love with shooting and editing, and it took my storytelling to a whole new level. That may not have happened if it weren’t for Jeremy suggesting the seminar and the two of us going back-and-forth critiquing each other’s work… even after our careers took us to different cities.

Now, here I am years later shooting, editing and storytelling for my own company. I feel privileged that Jeremy has shared his talents with T60. He’s worked on a couple of projects as a freelancer, and I know we’ll have more for him in the future.

I’d like to say I’ve seen the best Jeremy has to offer, but the truth is… the dude just keeps getting better. He’s one of the guys I’m out to impress every time I pick-up a camera, and he’s someone whose work you should watch.

–Tony Gnau