Video Samples / E-Spirit Examples

Hello e-Spirit! Selecting some examples for you is tough since we’ll kind of play with it once we have the raw material.

However, some initial thoughts are to do some picture-in-picture stuff. We’ve done that for some of our customers (and ourselves) when it comes to editing presentations.

Now, with your videos, swap the PowerPoint slides you’ll see in the examples with the product demo video we’ll do on screen capture. Also, it would likely be more of the screen capture and less of the speaker.

Hopefully, the examples give you a sense of us thinking creatively and what things could look like for your videos!

Emotion Drives Stories
Time: 3:10
Rob Biesenbach


Video is about emotion! (just the first 10-seconds))
Time: 1:01
Tony Gnau


Where to Put Videos on Your Website
Time: 3:53
Tony Gnau


Testimonial for T60
Time: 1:36
Spin Sucks