Don’t Leave This Out Of Your Video

Just because you have an HD camera, doesn’t mean you can shoot good looking video. Actually, high-definition will actually shine a light on many of the things you’re doing wrong.

One of the biggest mistakes most amateurs make is not lighting interview subjects. I’ve seen a few videos like this lately, so I thought it warrants a blog post.

If you’re in a room with overhead fluorescent lights… you need to break out your light kit.

If you don’t have a light kit, get creative. Find window and use the natural light. Find a room with a lamp and figure out a way to use that.

I’m not here to post a lighting tutorial. Jump on Google and you’ll find plenty of them there. This message is simply an educator and motivator.

Don’t be lazy. Those overhead lights are terrible. Bad lighting… ugly video… no matter what kind of camera you use.

–Tony Gnau