Don’t Leave The Story Out Of Your Content

Storytelling doesn’t need words, but it does need a story. That little ditty came to me after watching a video produced by Italian automaker Alpha Romeo.

The video uses time-lapse photography to show a concept car being assembled.

Did I miss something? Is that it? There’s no voice track or interviews to tell us anything about the car or the car show where it was displayed.

All it does is leave me wondering. What was I supposed to get from the video? Is the message simply, look at this cool car? I guess if I have to ask what the message is it’s not very good.

In comparison, check out this American Airlines video I highlighted last January. Similar concept… showing us an advertisement display being created, but the airline’s video does a great job of delivering a message without any words.

Video is a great medium, but businesses still have to give viewers a reason to watch.

–Tony Gnau