Defining PR/Marketing Video Success

There are a lot of companies producing videos these days, but sometimes they seem aimless. In many cases, I think it’s because they aren’t setting goals for their projects. They’re feeling pressure by specific competitors who are producing videos or sometimes it’s just the marketplace. Everyone else is producing videos, so we better start.

No matter the reason, diving into video without a plan isn’t the best idea. First question, as always, is who’s our audience? Second question, what’s our goal?

The goal is tricky. Business types want to put a dollar figure on the ROI. In some cases, you can do this by tracking a specific video campaign. How many people are watching? How many then click and buy? These are all things you can track.

The problem is most companies start their video journey with the “About Us” video. Tracking ROI on this type of video is nearly impossible, but I do have a guideline we tend to follow when producing them.

After the video is done, we show it to a few people and ask what they think of the company. In most cases, they’re usually pretty impressed with the place and will point out things they like about the business.

This is in no way scientific, but neither is an “About Us” video. It’s all subjective. My main goal for these videos is for the viewer to finish watching and think to themselves… that looks like a pretty good company. That’s it.

All we’re trying to do is create a good first impression. We want to elicit a positive emotional response. If we do that, it’s a job well done.

Remember, video isn’t about facts and figures. It’s about emotion.

–Tony Gnau