Creative Way To Deliver Video

Okay, I’m officially dubbing this “Indianapolis Week.” My wife, daughter and I recently took a little trip there and it definitely inspired some blog posts.

Today, it’s a pretty amazing way to link people to video. We passed by the city’s most famed steak house, St. Elmo’s, when I noticed something on the sidewalk… a QR code.

Take a look at the picture. The restaurant put a QR code in the sidewalk that links to their video. I’ll be honest… I couldn’t get my phone to read the code, but I was still impresses.

I checked out their YouTube channel figuring the video must be there. They have three videos on the channel, so I don’t know which is linked to the code. None of them are anything special, but WOW… what a creative way to deliver them.

I found a newspaper story that says the restaurant installed the QR code prior to this year’s Super Bowl in Indianapolis. Pretty innovative thinking.

I hope your wheels are turning like mine trying to think of creative ways to deliver your own videos.

–Tony Gnau