Corporate Storytelling Beats Logic

Marketing guru Seth Godin touched on one of my favorite subjects in his blog over the weekend. In a short post, he argued that the market doesn’t often respond to logic. ¬†What it really prefers are stories.

This is the key ingredient to an effective corporate video. Don’t get hung up on the details involving your product or company… in other words… the logic. Instead, simply tell your company’s story.

Last week, T60 finished a video that serves as a good example. Electri-Flex produces conduit… a lot of conduit. Its leaders could have bogged down viewers with all sorts of statistics regarding their products, but they didn’t.

Electri-Flex’s management¬†decided to highlight one of the aspects about the company that sets it apart… the story behind the company’s history, how it guides their company culture, and why it benefits customers.

A good story will almost always make a better impression on viewers than logic.

–Tony Gnau

VIDEO: Electri-Flex