Content Marketing Milestone

Ohio Black Jersey

Our most viewed post of all-time…

Ir’s a big week for T60. Tomorrow will be our 500th blog post. I hadn’t thought about how much content that is until a couple of friends who blog themselves were noticeably impressed. But this isn’t about “way-to-go us,” it’s about our readers. We don’t have a ton, but we appreciate everyone who’s out there.

This week I’ll fill you in on some of our content marketing motivations at the beginning and how they’ve changed, where that strategy is now and finally about how we’re going to improve things moving forward.

Today… something simple… a list of our top three viewed posts of all-time…

  1. Put On A Black Jersey And Share Your PR/Marketing Message
  2. Hyatt Understands Video Content
  3. Goose Island’s Marketing Success Sudsing Over

All three posts are timeless and offer some terrific examples of how organizations set themselves apart using video.


–Tony Gnau