Video Samples / Concordia Examples

The following are a couple examples of our work.

First, you should be familiar with this video since we produced it for Concordia! :-) It’s a favorite of ours, so we’re happy to use it as an example.

Second, since you’re interested in creating social media videos with subtitles, we included one of those as well so you can get a sense of the look and feel.

Also, important to note… while we are happy to produce videos with subtitles, it is possible for you to create your own subtitles within the social media applications. It simply involves creating an SRT file that can be uploaded to each site. Subtitles are then automatically added to the video. In the case of Facebook, the site now does it for you (Facebook adds automatic subtitling for Page videos).


Concordia University - Veteran Services
Time: 3:43
Used for recruiting veterans


Katie Gnau, Realtor
Time: 1:15
Social media video with subtitles


T60 Testimonial
Time: 1:38
Communications experts trust T60