Video Samples / CMW Video Samples

The following are the videos used as examples during the presentation.

If you’d like more examples of something of particular interest to you, don’t hesitate to get in touch!

–Tony Gnau

Iron Diva Physique
Time: 1:02
You might be proud of your facts and figures, but your audience might not care. Tell stories that connect with them on a personal level!


Prophet - Maureen
Time: 1:39
When you ask broad questions, you get unexpected answers. Some of them end up being real gems!


Vital - Uptown Bakery Testimonial
Time: 2:30
When you produce a testimonial, focus on the person/company giving the testimonial. 2/3 on them, 1/3 on you.


Alverno College - Scholarship Winners
Time: 3.05
Look for people affected by your company, product, service. Show your audience how you're impacting the lives of real people.