Client Testimonials Provide A Win-Win

Client testimonials are a great way to show prospects that you’re a trusted company. Posting a quote on your website is nice, but producing a video sends an even stronger message.

Don’t take my word for it. Companies like Bank of America invest in testimonial storytelling. The financial giant is producing a series of videos in multiple cities highlighting how it’s helping local businesses.

I discovered the series through an ad on Facebook. It jumped out because the ad featured one of our clients, Northern Illinois Food Bank. A series like this provides an obvious benefit to Bank of America. Having clients talk about their situations and how the bank has helped them is a nice promotion for the bank, but there’s another benefit as well.

The Bank of America clients that are featured get a healthy dose of free publicity. What a great way to honor clients and foster the relationship with them.

Client testimonials are a win-win for both organizations that take part.

–Tony Gnau