City of Chicago Video Works

Snow! We finally got some decent snow here in Chicago. My California friends are all shaking their heads right now. Yes, many of us like the snow.

Anyway, I heard during a WGN-TV news story that the City of Chicago has a new website (Chicago Shovels) that lets people track the location of city snow plows and learn about other snow-related resources. I got curious so I checked it out and was excited to see video embedded on the home page.

Guess what? It’s not bad. It looks professionally done, tells a pretty good story, and I actually learned a lot. It even made me interested enough to want to get involved in the Snow Corps program… volunteers who shovel sidewalks for the elderly and disabled.

Go figure… quality storytelling informed me and drove me to action. Sounds like a concept business leaders might want to consider.

–Tony Gnau