Video Samples / Case Study Examples

Case studies are a great way to highlight the work you do and what makes it great. It demonstrates to your audience that you are the expert!

Obviously, that’s an awesome thing when you’re selling B2C or B2B, but did it even works for internal communications.

The following examples were done for a gigantic health system with hospitals all over the country. When one hospital excels at something, their leaders send T60 to tell the story, then they share the video with the rest of the system.

The case studies demonstrate all the great work being done, but also serve as examples for how all the other hospitals can improve.

Hank the Health Hero
Time: 3:49
Case Study: how innovation can come in unusual forms


Time: 2:11
Case Study: how one of its health systems is encouraging a "growth mindset"


Regaining Trust
Time: 2:27
Case Study: embracing a new process