Be Honest About Email Marketing Video Times

Screen shot 2013-03-03 at 7.29.31 PMChances are you and/or your clients are using email marketing to target prospects, and hopefully some sort of video is being integrated into those newsletters. If so, here’s a simple tip. Be honest about the length of your marketing videos.

I recently received an email campaign and was told to watch a short video. No surprise I clicked on it to watch, but what I got shocked me.

The video was nearly 8-minutes long.


Okay, I have blogged here over and over again about video times. One of the first questions I get from clients is how long should the video run? Every situation, every audience is unique and you need to base that video on those factors.

Here’s the thing though… don’t promise me in an email or newsletter that the video is short if it isn’t. 1-minute… that’s a short video. Nearly 8-minutes is an eternity for an online video.

Posting a video that’s too long is a shame because it won’t get watched by a large audience. Misleading people about its length is worse because you prove to them you can’t be trusted.

–Tony Gnau