Baiting the Hook

Using video storytelling to build trust and help make sales

Video is flat-out one of the most important tactics in any marketing strategy these days. Virtual reality, 360-degree video, drones… so many cool gadgets! Only… don’t lose sight of the best tool at your disposal.

Storytelling can be crucial for any business wanting to connect with its customers. Couple it with video and you have a match made in marketing heaven.

In this session, you’ll find:

  • the types of videos you should be producing
  • how to identify good stories around your business
  • what to include in your videos and things to ditch
  • case studies of companies doing it right
  • video examples to provide inspiration

You learn how to produce stories that connect with customers, earn their trust, and help the company make sales.

EVENT: Experience Inbound

SPEAKER: Tony Gnau, Founder & Chief Storytelling Officer, T60 Productions