Video Samples / Axis Examples

The following videos have been chosen just for you! There are a few examples, the first one is a Q&A similar to your “Hot Seat” videos.

The next two videos I chose as product demonstration examples. The only product demo I have to show is actually an online chat demo (XSELL Pitch Video ), so not exactly the same thing. I also gave you a more show-and-tell style video (Ocean Ambassadors: Treating “Tui”), so while it’s not a product, you can see something that will be similar to what you need done at a vendor booth. It’s also healthcare-related… sort of. :-)


Grow Better Leader Series: D&B
Time: 5:47
Q&A style video.


Ocean Ambassadors: Treating "Tui"
Time: 4:01
Show-and-tell, jump about a minute into the video.


XSELL Pitch Video
Time: 4:27
Product demo video. Jump ahead and start watching at 1:13.


T60 Testimonials
Time: 1:15
Hear from our clients about why they love working with us and how we made their lives easier!