Video Samples / ASA Examples

agency sales academyThe following examples have been selected just for Agency Sales Academy!

The first is a great example of the type of testimonial we’re suggesting. Highlight an individual… what has driven them to attend the Academy event and how it’s going to help them moving forward.

The second series of videos is a little trickier to find examples for… mainly since you would like to break down an event overview into four short videos. I’ve done lots of video series’ where each video focuses on a specific subject matter, but I’ve never done a series like that at an event. I LOVE the idea, so I’d enjoy producing it.

Anyway, the second video below is an example of an event video that focuses on the content that was discussed during the conference, so it’ll at least give you a similar feel.

The next video is simply a fun example of a “standard” event video. An event took place… here’s what it was like being there.

And finally, the last video features some of our customers explaining what it’s like working with T60.


–Tony Gnau

ReStory - Annette Kozy
Time: 1:03
Testimonial for the DuPage Habitat for Humanity ReStore


ChicagoAMA Momentum
Time: 1:55
Video highlighting some of the things discussed at a marketing event


Goose Island Beer
Time: 4:24
Just a good example of an event video


T60 Testimonials
Time: 1:15
Hear why our customers love working with T60