Ah Ha! Video Card Shows Up After All!

Screen Shot 2012-12-20 at 6.35.19 AMAll hail the power of video! Last week, I blogged about how my wife has finally bought-in. She received a holiday video last december from her alma mater, this year just a standard email.

She was disappointed, but the disappointment didn’t last long because guess what showed up this week?

I promised her not to be too brutal with my criticism in the previous post, she LOVES her school, so I didn’t even mention it by name. Well, looks like I can now because Monmouth College redeemed itself by sending out a 2012 holiday video.

Now, it’s no great achievement. I kind of like the concept, but it’s a pretty basic video. The big question I have is about their PR/marketing/fundraising strategy.

Was this planned all along… text email followed by video email? Or did they get negative feedback when there wasn’t a video this year? Were there lots of people like my wife who were disappointed they didn’t produce a video this year, so they quickly put something together?

I don’t know the answer to that, but either way it’s clear video is a power communications tool.

–Tony Gnau