Why Scripted Videos Miss The Mark

Here’s a big reason why I prefer non-scripted videos over scripted… they’re authentic. I know, I know… that’s a term getting overused these days, but I have a different take on it today.

Authentic videos are good for a lot of reasons, but one that’s often overlooked gets right to the heart of why they’re better than scripted videos.

It’s hard to mess-up authenticity. I recently saw a video promoting Chicago’s Ribfest. Now, I LOVE Ribfest. The event is in T60’s neighborhood, and the date is marked on my calendar every year. The video though… I don’t love.

In truth, there’s a lot to like about it. It’s professionally produced, has a clear story, and accomplishes the goal of promoting the event. The problem is it’s a mock movie trailer that’s supposed to be funny… and it isn’t. Mildly amusing… maybe. Funny… no.

I don’t fault Ribfest or the video’s produces. They had an amusing concept and they went for it. The thing is that scripting something great is HARD. Some of the most talented people in Hollywood get paid millions of dollars to produce “funny” and even they fail more than they succeed.

Authenticity… when you have it… it just works.

–Tony Gnau