Video Samples / 2 Moms Media

The following are some Vlog examples. Basically, what we do is shoot it twice. Once as a wide or medium shot, then the second time we shoot it a little tighter. This gives us the flexibility to cut between the shots and provides a much more polished and visually appealing video… as opposed to a single, continuous medium shot.

People do not have to say the exact same thing during each take. As long as it’s in the same ballpark, it’s easy to piece things together.

We can also incorporate in any basic raw video (b-roll), photographs, or anything else that might spice things up.

Here are some additional things you might find interesting…

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2014 March Vlog: Disruption Marketing
Time: 1:58
Okay... I'll throw my own vlog in here. :-)


Spin Sucks Vlog (get rid of old videos?)
Time: 1:46
Spin Sucks is one of the most read PR blogs in the country.


Spin Sucks Vlog (managing negative online reviews)
Time: 1:28


HIMSS Vlog - January 2013
Time: 3:25
HIMSS is a global Health IT organization.